Australian Parliament Backs Retroactive ACIC Investigation Powers Bill

In a striking show of bipartisanship, Australian Labor and Coalition parties have united to pass legislation that retroactively legitimizes contentious investigative actions previously taken by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). The nod given to the bill aims to dispel the legal ambiguities that had overshadowed the agency's use of special investigation powers.

This legislative move marks the third attempt to rectify enduring legal shortcomings affecting ACIC's capacities to carry out special operations. The law has garnered significant attention as it retrospectively authorizes activities that may have been deemed "unlawful" prior to its enactment. As Australia's political landscape continues to evolve, this development reflects a firm governmental stance on national security and law enforcement tactics. Stay informed with Guardian Australia's free morning and afternoon newsletters, available through their app or daily podcast, offering comprehensive news roundup.

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