Hamas Responds to Truce Talks Amid Hopes for Ceasefire and Aid to Gaza

Gaza City: Hamas has conveyed its stance on ceasefire discussions to Qatari representatives. This crucial step brings optimism for the potential cessation of hostilities which could also pave the way for the release of hostages and the increased provision of aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

In an investigative profile, The Guardian examines Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's tenure and security policies. Despite his self-styled image as 'Mr Security', recent events challenge Netanyahu's claims of an unprecedented peaceful era in Israel.

Netanyahu's 'Fortress Israel' concept, featuring extensive defense systems like the Iron Dome and a fortified border barrier, suggested a dominance over regional threats. However, the recent surge in violence reveals that tranquility in Israel was precariously founded on neglecting the Palestinian plight and relying heavily on technological and military might.

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